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About Us

Moving from one’s home country, making new friends, and even learning a new language are stressful life events that immigrant and refugee children and youth have to encounter. Having to focus on their education amidst such events may cause them to feel discouraged and helpless when faced with difficulties in their studies. Immigrant and refugee children tend to make the early decision to disengage from STEM particularly due to a lack of guidance, curated to their needs, causing them to feel intimidated by the prospects of higher education or careers in STEM.

STEMpacts aims to provide enjoyable, hands-on STEM education to immigrant and refugee children, as well as encourage STEM higher education and careers through mentorship and support tailored to the needs of immigrant and refugee youth.


For Youth

  • Create a network of guidance and support through our programs to help youth understand that their backgrounds should not be a barrier to pursuing STEM.

  • Educate youth on higher education and a career in STEM. 

  • Give youth the opportunity to hone their interests in STEM and decide if it is a path they wish to pursue.

For Children

  • Cultivate a supportive and open environment for children to enjoy and take an interest in STEM topics

  • Instill hard and soft skills through hands-on learning that they will continue to apply in their daily lives, especially when working with STEM topics


Petri Dishes


Fund for Youth!

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Conferences, competitions, hackathons, seminars are all valid!

Science Student


STEM Challenge!

Participate in this fun STEM challenge for a chance to showcase your knowledge and creativity in science, technology, engineering, or math.


Win prizes worth up to $100!! 

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6133 University Blvd, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1

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